The Board of Directors is composed of energetic people who are committed to the well-being of Green Mountain Camp.  Most of us have a personal link to the Camp as a relative of a current or former camper, and all of us feel a strong desire to make sure GMC continues to offer a special camp experience to girls in the years to come.  Please feel free to contact the Board at

Our current Board members are:

Michael McGillion, President

Kristina Naylor, Vice President

Susan Daigler, Treasurer

Richard Epstein

Mark Brown

Rachel Glickman

Diana Lischer-Goodband

Bess Richardson

Renee Woliver

Kathleen Fleischmann

Kaitlyn Coogan

Patti Hurd

Martha Stitelman

Contact Us: Green Mountain Camp | 565 Green Mountain Camp Road, Dummerston, VT 05301 | 802.257.1751 |