Is Try Me Camp appropriate for regular overnight campers?

Yes! If your child wants to attend either Day or Overnight Camp and you are clear that you donʼt want to make a switch, please come!

What is the purpose of Try Me Camp?
Try Me Camp was created at Green Mountain Camp for Girls to help campers transition from day camp to overnight camp easily , with the greatest possibility of success for the camper. It also gives the camper who signed up for overnight camp, the chance to switch into the day program if they discover they are not yet ready for an entire week of overnight camp.

If my camper decides to switch programs, what do I do?
Have a conversation with the camp director. Day camp begins on Monday morning, since every camper is already assigned a bed for rest hour, you can simply write a check for $45.00 and your camper can spend the night. What usually happens is that if a day camper is ready to switch programs, they will likely be fine the rest of the evenings. Since Thursday is already included in the tuition, there are three possible additional nights that day campers can change over, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

How do I apply for Financial Aid?
Download a copy of the application, fill it out and send it to the Camp. Applications are due by June 1 or until funds are depleted.

What does my child need to bring to camp?
You can download a list of items for both day and overnight camp on the What to Bring to Camp page (under Come to Camp menu).

Is there swimming at GMC?
Yes! GMC is proud to have a pool at the camp!  A swimming evaluation will be done the first day of camp.

What if I am late to pick up my camper?
We sincerely appreciate parents arriving on time to pick up their campers. Please wait by the wire near the infirmary until your children are released at pick up time. Parents will be charged a fee of $20.00 when a late pick up occurs. This $20.00 charge will be added to your child’s account. There is a $20.00 charge for every 1-15 minutes late and $20.00 thereafter for every 15-minute period.



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