A Treasure Since 1917, Green Mountain Camp began after a survey was conducted to determine the health of children in rural and urban areas. In the dedication of the Grace Holbrook Haskell Infirmary, Sarah Bradley Gamble reported the results of this survey. The study showed that rural children, contrary to popular belief, did not have the best health, diet and/or living conditions.

Sarah adored sports and wanted to spend the summer after graduating from high school at an exclusive camp with some of her classmates. Her parents were influenced by the survey results and felt that Sarah should serve her community by working with girls in the area.

Sarah's father discussed the survey results with Joseph Lee, a close friend and founder of the playground movement that became known as National Recreation and then International Recreation Association. Lee offered to back the founding
of a local camp if Sarah and Grace Holbrook Haskell would accept the responsibility of running it. Thus Green Mountain Camp for Girls was founded.

Over the past century, Green Mountain Camp has been run as a nonprofit organization. Starting in 1917 the focus was instruction and education in the arts and crafts, improved methods of agriculture, horticulture, household arts, dietetics and nursing, along with gymnastics, horseback riding and drama.

The programs may have changed slightly over the years, but Sarah Bradley Gamble’s vision for girls is thriving along the West River in Dummerston, Vermont.



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