Planning a family reunion, school or business retreat, a big birthday celebration or wedding?

Why not rent Green Mountain Camp? Nestled in a wooded site, a stones throw from the West River, the camp has 12 cabins with electricity, screens, doors, and beds, a professionally sized and licensed kitchen, a dining hall space that seats 75, a swimming pool, and Hildreth Hall: an old fashioned meeting house with a huge fireplace. A great space for dancing! The amenities at the Camp are available on an ala carte basis. You choose which buildings and amenities you desire.
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Rental Forms:
Kitchen Clean Up Form
Renter Clean Up Form
A day is defined as noon to noon with no pro-rated fees for partial days.
Dummerston Residents: $250/day for up to 50 people -  then additional $5 per person
Non-Dummerston Residents: $500/day for up to 50 people - then additional $5 per person
$100.00 per day (lifeguard not included) for the pool
$50 dumpster fee (no charge if trash is taken away with renter)

Deposits & Payments:

  • 20% non-refundable deposit six months prior to the event - payment in full three months prior to the event

  • Cancellation up to one month in advance of the event 80% returned

  • Cancellation less than one month, all monies retained by GMC

  • Certificate of insurance and returnable damage deposit of $500.00 needed in the form of a check at time of full payment. Check returned to the group after the post event walk through.


Contact Us: Green Mountain Camp | 565 Green Mountain Camp Road, Dummerston, VT 05301 | 802.257.1751 |