SAVE THE DATE!!!  Join us for our 100th birthday celebration August 11-13, 2017. We'll be celebrating all weekend with food and fun camp activities. Stay tuned for details but be sure to save the date.


This year Green Mountain Camp for Girls will celebrate its 100th birthday. While the spirit of GMC is alive and well 100 years after its founding, we know that you can’t have a camp without a campus. To celebrate our big birthday we're starting the party early with a two-year capital campaign to raise $100,000 for much-needed repairs and upgrades to our venerable campus.

Please consider a gift to help us honor our past, celebrate our centennial and ensure our future.

Gifts can be made by credit card or PayPal account, check or stock.

Please make checks out to "GMC Centennial Campaign".

To make a gift of stock please email Centennial Campaign Chair and Board President Richard Epstein.


While society has changed a great deal since 1917, GMC is still a place for girls to be girls and have an authentic summer camp experience in the beautiful wooded hills of Dummerston, VT.

Building fires, making s’mores, learning new games, performing at the talent show and swimming in our beautiful pool are some of the magical activities at GMC. It’s camp the way it should be – all about fun, friends and community

Planned capital improvements:

Upgrades to electrical systems

Upgrades to the sleeping cabins

New junior campus bathroom

Restoring the Art Barn

Rebuilding the ‘golden staircase’ (now closed but once a favorite link between the senior and junior levels of the campus)

A new shed to house the athletic equipment at the playing field

A land survey of our property

Structural repairs to Hildreth Hall

Upgrading the swimming pool to an eco-friendly system

We invite you to be a part of our 100th anniversary celebration by giving a gift that will keep Green Mountain Camp for Girls going strong for another 100 years!

Gifts can be made by credit card (PayPal); check or stock. Please make checks out to "GMC Centennial Campaign" and send to Green Mountain Camp, 565 Green Mountain Camp Road, Dummerston, VT 05301

For gifts of stock please contact Board President Richard Epstein.